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Helping Civis Analytics roll out their Media Optimizer tool

Civis Analytics was founded during the re-election campaign of President Obama to put answers in the hands of people closest to the voters and their issues. Four years later, Civis Analytics has applied that same methodology to organizations across industries that focus on engagement, customer loyalty, and acquisition.


Civis Media Optimizer is an easy-to-use, cloud-based service that lets media planning and buying teams build highly efficient, accountable TV media plans.

  • Get clarity on audience viewing behavior instead of going after broad demographic segments that risk high levels of waste.
  • Improve ROI by optimizing your TV ad schedule to maximize reach and frequency per dollar spent.
  • Get more control over the media buying process with more data for negotiations and program and spot selections.

Kitterman's media planning and creative execution really brought our brand and associated message to life in ways in which help differentiate our message in a crowded marketplace.

Finding the best spots for your TV audience

With Civis Media Optimizer, you can either maximize your reach and frequency or maximize your budget, depending on how you set the priorities within the application. By providing timely buying direction including specific recommendations for air slot and program placement, Civis Media Optimizer gives media planners the ability to pinpoint not just national, but also regional and local viewers, for significantly improved ad targeting. It provides a completely optimized TV media plan to reach your preferred audience, and then measures the plan’s efficiency at the network or program level. You get a detailed listing of which placements to buy, and can dive into summary statistics that back up each selection.

Civis Media Optimizer is quick and easy to use. Instead of taking days or weeks to
do research, you can quickly obtain data science–backed insights and hyper-targeted, accurate recommendations. Media planners can still apply their professional judgement to get to the most effective reach and frequency.

Civis Media Optimizer recommendations are backed by:

  • An objective set of TV viewing data
  • More data points on each viewer
  • Accurate, effective data science

Our Objective

The objective was to create a campaign that would target media buyers and planners at U.S.-based advertising agencies and B2C companies with revenues of at least $250 million and a large TV ad spend. Their goal was to bring in new leads that would result in one to three new customers.

Civis Analytics faced a few obstacles with launching this new product. The main challenge was there was no brand or product awareness—in fact, no awareness that a product like this existed. Another challenge was that the average sales cycle was six months and the CMO product subscription is $200,000, which meant closing a deal was a very long and a very big investment for the client. Civis Analytics also was struck with the challenge of convincing their target audience that this wasn’t a tool to replace their position and put them out of a job, but to complement the work they were already doing.
The Civis Analytics team worked with Kitterman to identify a strategy to reach their goal, which included a media strategy for getting new leads, and a plan for directing leads through their website, as well as a strategy to nurture the new leads. Next, Kitterman created a body of lead generation and sales enablement materials to complement Civis Analytics’ existing materials:

  • eGuide: 12 page
  • Paid social posts
  • Online display ads
  • Retargeted display ads
  • Case study
  • Marketo eGuide landing and confirmation pages
  • Marketo Information hub page
  • Marketo nurture emails
  • 3rd party email with eGuide offer
  • Media campaign setup, management and reporting

eGuide, Case Study, Emails, and Social

The Results

This campaign ran for six weeks and finished up the first week of March 2017. Kitterman delivered 269 leads at a CPL of $164 (CPL was so high because of the extremely targeted audience). To-date Civis has categorized 60 leads as MQLs, 42 SQLs, and one lead is close to closing.