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Helping Vertafore introduce customers to a new operating model

Vertafore is a leading provider of insurance industry software solutions that help insurance agencies and carriers increase productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The company wanted to drive purchases and upgrades—among its current customer base—of its newly updated version of the ImageRight enterprise content management and workflow solution.


Vertafore and Kitterman created a marketing campaign that resulted in the generation of nearly $6 million in opportunities—exceeding the campaign goal by 28%.

The strategy to highlight ImageRight’s agency-wide benefits strongly resonated with the target audience—agency IT decision makers and stakeholders—with a nurture email open rate of 54%, and a click-through rate of 2.5%.


To achieve success, Vertafore needed to present a compelling case to the target audience that ImageRight was a sensible, cost-effective technology investment that would deliver agency-wide benefits through superior content management, enterprise workflow, and business intelligence solutions.


The Vertafore team worked with Kitterman to identify the main pain points facing agency IT decision makers and stakeholders. Next Kitterman created a body of lead nurture and sales enablement materials: an infographic, brochure, retargeting ads, and a campaign execution guide for Vertafore’s highly promoted ImageRight 6 announcement webinar.

The infographic presented a high-level illustration of how ImageRight 6 addressed a typical agency’s top pain points. The brochure took a more holistic approach by presenting agency-wide benefits achieved with ImageRight 6. Kitterman also created emails, social messaging, and retargeting ads to drive attendance for the webinar series.

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