What is an infographic?

Infographics are a great way to deliver information in a way that’s both engaging and quickly consumable. Statistics and factoids take the lead in telling the story, with the intention of keeping word count to a minimum. Design is uncluttered and presents a clear visual path from start to finish. Using visual metaphors—icons and illustrations that enhance the data points—also help readers navigate the infographic. A layer of interactivity—such as click-to-reveal, animated graphics, and other elements—deepen reader engagement and increase information retention.

Vertafore Infographics

Agency nurture campaign personae infographics

We created a series of infographics that highlighted the agency-wide benefits of Vertafore solutions by mapping benefits to personae: owners, employees, and customers. The infographics presented agency owners with a holistic view of how Vertafore solutions would positively impact their entire business.

Agency nurture campaign interactive infographic

To kick off the agency nurture campaign, we created an interactive infographic that presented high-level benefits of becoming a Digital Insurer. Design included engaging Flash® programming so readers could click on the infographic to reveal new information and launch animations.

Vertafore WorkSmart infographic

We created an engaging interactive infographic that showed how Vertafore WorkSmart role-based processing solutions could help insurance agencies operate more efficiently. We broke out benefits by roles – Principal, CSR, producers, and IT staff – that proved how WorkSmart offered agency-wide benefits, while animations brought the supporting statistics to life and kept readers engaged longer.

Microsoft Infographics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for insurance infographic

As part of a demand generation campaign for Microsoft, we created an infographic that illustrates how the company’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions could help insurance agencies prepare for the digital age by switching to the Digital Insurer operations model.

Microsoft Cloud infographic

Microsoft wanted to make its case for the company’s cloud service solutions, so we created an infographic that conveyed a large amount of information and statistics, with a fun visual style that kept readers engaged.