MicrosoftIT Innovation Series

Driving excitement and engagement in a new IT training series

Microsoft was relaunching its popular IT Camp trainings as the new IT Innovation Series—a series of free, hands-on, one-day training events hosted by Microsoft IT evangelists, for IT professionals. This global series ran for six months and included 400 events in 60 countries. Each event provided a forward-looking experience with one of four topics: Windows Server 2016, Azure Infrastructure, Windows 10, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Microsoft wanted to engage the target audience of IT professionals and drive event attendance by demonstrating why attending their local IT Innovation event could help increase their skill sets, enhance their job performance, and boost their career prospects.


Kitterman’s demand generation marketing campaign resulted in excellent attendance levels for IT Innovation events worldwide. The strategy to highlight the benefits of attending an IT Innovation event resonated with the target audience of IT pros, with Kitterman’s demand gen tactics driving 87% of IT Innovation Series landing page visits and 77% of intents-to-register.


Relaunching the training series included a new name, so Microsoft had to differentiate IT Innovation as a completely new offering and essentially start building awareness, excitement, and engagement with the series from scratch. IT Innovation needed to be presented as an example of Microsoft’s worldwide commitment to technical training and supporting IT professionals on Microsoft enterprise technology offerings.


The Microsoft IT Innovation team worked with Kitterman to develop a toolkit to equip the field to effectively promote their local IT Innovation event. Kitterman began by creating a messaging framework that presented IT pros with the top benefits of attending an IT Innovation event.

Next, Kitterman deployed that messaging with Microsoft IT pro–targeted newsletter articles, web banners, and a blog series across existing Microsoft properties, which reached current and new audiences. Kitterman also created editorial and social calendars that reached the target audience where they congregated online. On the SEM front, Google search, display, and remarketing ads expanded our messaging reach, resulting in nearly 20,000 landing page visits.

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